Who we are – Our Approach?

Pixous technologies is a customer-centric company, with strategic thinking, thoughtful in-sights, and doable approach for projects with the goal of delivering success and support in all phases of business and project(s)

We attain this Strategic acumen & technology adaption for current business through our world-class consultants who guides our customers to solve complex business challenges by providing strategic approaches.

Our expertise

  • Strategic Planning & Assessment
  • Optimization Services
  • Project Implementation Services
  • Digital Transformation
  • IT Consulting & Services
  • Customer Insight
  • Marketing & Sales


Few of our areas of expertise

  • Application and Process
  • The Interactive and behind the screen runs, chiseled to perfection ensuring end user benefit.
  • Application Developments, designing, developing, building effective and innovatively created Apps meeting all the needs of the business or enterprise.
  • Trainings, important tool required for elevation and jump into the next level, and we offer solutions that match your expanding needs.
  • Offshore development and delivery, Outsourcing needs meet complete.
  • SAP® enterprise software to manage your business operations and customer relations
  • TriZetto Facets®, the IT platform with an integrated application that supports more effecient claims
  • Java, .NET, UI/UX (HTML5) Languages, Web app development methods, User Experience, User Interface.
  • Project Management Consulting, advise, planning, support, consulting with the intention to improvise quality on a continuous basis.