Strategic Planning and Assessment Services

The Strategic Approaches make up the Business/project/Program roadmap with goal in planning, implementation and support improvements

01 Technology

Creating a change that matters, by providing thoughtful solutions through evolving technology, to increase efficiency for implementation

02 Capacity building

Strengthening the knowledge, abilities, and skills of individuals in team and improving organizational structures to meet the needs of the project in a sustainable manner

03 Systemic change and integration:

we helps you to attain the outcomes that are most critical to help you run and transform your business through our unique set of processes


Optimization and Remediation Services

We provide the following from End-to-end optimization for Business/Program/Project levels.

  • Gap assessment
  • Gap Mitigation & Recommendations
  • Pragmatic roadmap to implement and reduce operational costs
  • Propose right level of automation for business effectiveness and efficiency
  • We provide optimized templates for process and measuring KPI’s to achieve business values


Project Implementation

Program & Project Management

With senior level program and project leadership, utilizing Industry solution process and ensure stakeholder engagement, risk/issue management, schedule planning, and financial tracking to deliver high quality, on time & budget.

Business Requirements Gathering/Analysis

Systematic, disciplined industry approach to capturing, tracking, analyzing, prioritizing, and designing the way work is done currently to reduce costs and redundant business processes, providing clearly and completely documenting the detailed functionalities needed to meet the business.

Solution Design and Delivery

Best practices, Rapid Deployment Solution(RDS) tested full-service business solution offering for the desired business outcomes, with Pixous technologies expertise in project management, business requirements gathering and analysis, architecture design, build, test, and implementation with suitable methodologies.

Quality Assurance and Testing

Proven and consistent methodologies and processes focused upon detecting and solving technical issues in the software build and assessing the overall product operational performance and security.




Digital Transformation

We help you to reinvent and accelerate your digital transformation journey

We help customers experience stunning digital growth and thrive in the digital era through Guiding you to maximize operational excellence and build a scalable, resilient organization.

Reinvigorate your organization and find a new trajectory by exploring the right operating model.

Expand your business globally, strategically, and successfully.

  • Achieve higher and faster Capital Excellence
  • Unlock the full potential through Operations Transformation
  • Reinvigorate your organization and find a new trajectory by exploring the right operating model
  • Guiding you to maximize operational excellence and build a scalable, resilient organization
  • Website & App development
  • Platform/Industry based solution and products


IT Consulting Services

We offer IT consulting services that will help you improve your software architecture, create a tech-driven digital strategy, and improve operations by optimizing your software portfolio.

Our software engineers/testers will accompany your digital transformation journey through careful planning, effective execution and testing with outlined IT strategy.

Right People @ Right Requirement



Customer Insights


Maximize Customer Experience and satisfaction by diving into customers journey with a feedback model.

Customers are at the core of any business. By prioritizing the right customer insights and the right strategy to act on them, leaders can capture growth opportunities and solve complex business problems.

Understanding customers is the key to giving them good service which in turn results into strong customer relationships and new sales. We help excel on the below.

  • Know your customer’s demand and their Real-Time Behavior
  • Identify the different categories of your Customers
  • Invest in Social Media Customer Engagement
  • Leverage Customer Service Interactions
  • Focus on Customers’ Preferences
  • Build Comprehensive Contact Information.



Marketing, Sales & Services

We help customers to unlock continuous marketing transformation and increase the revenue in the existing market.
Provide Dynamic Solutions to navigate you through the shifting market by
  • Monitoring Continuous improvement of business to yield better performance
  • Analyzing changing patterns in competitor and consumer behavior
  • Suggesting capability building or process changes in your organization
  • Prioritizing KPI and assessing new benchmarks to stay ahead in the market